Letter to Jon Landau, Producer of the film Avatar

May 6th, 2010

To: the attention of Mr. Jon Landau

From: Susan Adda ArtWorks and the artists of CleanArt Planet

Dear Mr. Landau,

We were scheduled to participate with you in the press junket at the Westin Hotel Paris, on Tuesday April 20th  2010 to present our project, in conjunction with the announcement of the launch of Avatar on DVD and Blu-Ray for Earth Day.
Unfortunately, this opportunity was thwarted by the capricious nature of a volcano in Iceland.

Susan Adda of Susan Adda ArtWorks and her partnership with the Earth Day Network afforded CleanArt Planet the opportunity to display the exhibit « Lost and Found at Sea » at the Westin Hotel Paris for one month to celebrate Earth Day's 40th anniversary. This partnership has also allowed CleanArt to be named Ambassadors from France for the ED40 « Arts for the Earth » program. As you are a partner of the Earth Day Network, as well, this press junket would have been a wonderful occasion to meet and discuss our mutual interests.

The CleanArt Planet Project message about our responsibilites concerning the pollution of the seas is delivered, in part, through the production of colorful collages and enlarged photographs. Since these creations are generated from recuperated beach debris, the resulting art work has an inherent Pop Art aspect, which appeals to a broad audience. This work has been displayed at art events, in galleries and museums. These images are complimented by dynamic films, written texts, and installations. CleanArt Planet is also sollicited to participate at environmental conferences, and an instructive, constructive workshop for children in partnership with Club Med is currently in production.

CleanArt Planet affirms that « The Sea cannot be part of our future if it is used like a trashcan that is never emptied. » The sea is the birthplace of life, a vector for communication and exchange, the source of poetry and mythologie, it is part of man's history and his future. As an association their main goal is not to clean up the beaches, but to « clean up » modern man's sense of responsibility toward his relationship with the sea.

The coastline is the most unsuccessfully protected natural boundary on earth. As a civilization we are capable of respecting artificially drawn borders to separate populations of people. Nothing bounds the sea but the coastlines, and the constant mouvement of the sea renders man-made borders inexistant. The coastline is not only where all the sewers of the earth spew man's debris into the sea, it is also where the sea throws debris back to man, with no constraints or limitations. The pollution continually « washing up » on shore acts as a mirror reflecting our civilization and the appalling evidence of our abuse of the sea. Treating the sea with impunity cannot continue, not without reprisals that would affect everyone on earth.

After having seen Avatar, it was obvious that we would look forward to meeting and discussing with you. After all, who knows better than artists about how to deliver a message directly to the soul of an audience?

Our artistic actions would seemingly have the same goals as yours: They serve as the vehicle to raise awareness about man's relationship with nature, and about the important choices that must be made concerning the future of this relationship. Although Avatar has the advantage of reaching a wider audience, our message is no less signifigant than yours, we are all faced with the concern of finding a global solution for the damage that we have done, with creating our future history.
The group CleanArt Planet was initially founded by an artist and designer, Gilles Cenazandotti, a photographer, Thierry Ledé and a film director, Charlie Sansonetti, all three with great notoriety in their respective fields for the past 20 years. The group was joined by Susan Adda, producer of art events, and who will continue to promote their efforts with events like Earth Day 40.

We are especially interested in the idea of combining our efforts with those of other like-minded artists and experts who share our goals. The association CleanArt Planet is rapidly becoming a global artistic « think tank » and will eventually extend to include 100 international artists, from every discipline.

A part from our involvement with Earth Day, CleanArt has also been invited to join the French Minister of Ecology and Sustainable Developpment and participate in the upcoming event
 « Village of the Sea » on the Port of the Champs Elysées in Paris. Many other projects are in the works.

On June 8th to celebrate World Ocean Day, CleanArt would be honored if you would join us by lending your support in the form of a recorded message for our internet site.

We would also hope to have another opportunity to meet with you the next time you are in Paris.

Please contact us at your convenience, we look forward to hearing from you soon.

All the best,

Susan, Gilles, Thierry et Charlie

Susan Adda
+33 (0)6 70 34 88 39

to see and example of our film: